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Dust To Glory(2005)

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Views: 58

Saw 3D( Dec.2010 )

Views: 45

Age of Ice(2014)

Views: 78

23 Blast(2014)

Views: 64


Views: 673

Crossroads 1986(1986)

Views: 231


Views: 123

Dark Summer(2015)

Views: 90

Gnome Alone(2015)

Views: 95

The Killing Strain( 2010 )

Views: 78

Most Recent Movies

We'll Never Have Paris

Viewed 33 Times

A man screws up on a transcontinental level in a noble effort to win back "the one."

Released: 2014
Stars: Melanie Lynskey  Director: Simon Helberg  IMDB rating: 6.2 

Dust To Glory

Viewed 19 Times

A documentary on the Baja 1000, an annual off-road race held in Baja, Mexico that attracts hundreds of racers, their souped-up machines, and thousa...

Released: 2005
Stars: Chad McQueen  Director: Dana Brown  IMDB rating: 7.4 


Viewed 58 Times

The story of one night on earth that changed everything we know about the universe.

Released: 2014
Stars: Julian Richings  Director: Chad Archibald  IMDB rating: 4.7 

Saw 3D

Viewed 45 Times

We eat Saw 3D in the latest episode of WE EAT FILMS! But first, the crew must figure out how to survive a deathly trap that someone has set for the...

Released: Dec.2010
Stars: Patrick Barfoot  Director: Josh Litman 

Same Same But Different

Viewed 38 Times

Based on the true story of Benjamin Prufer and Sreykeo Solvan. The unexpected and uncertain love story of Sreykeo, a 21 year old bar girl in Phnom ...

Released: 2009
Stars: Apinya Sakuljaroensuk  Director: Detlev Buck  IMDB rating: 6.8 

Age of Ice

Viewed 78 Times

When sudden and massive earthquakes open the Arabian tectonic plate, the result is unstable weather and freezing temperatures that will be unsurviv...

Released: 2014
Stars: Barton Bund  Director: Emile Edwin Smith  IMDB rating: 2 

The Last Man(s) on Earth

Viewed 70 Times

When YouTube survival experts Kaduche and Wynn discover the world's destruction will be man-made, it's up to them to thwart the mysterious forces t...

Released: 2012
Stars: Charan Prabhakar  Director: Aaron Hultgren  IMDB rating: 6.2 

23 Blast

Viewed 64 Times

When a high school football star is suddenly stricken with irreversible total blindness, he must decide whether to live a safe handicapped life or ...

Released: 2014
Stars: Mark Hapka  Director: Dylan Baker  IMDB rating: 5.5 

UFC Fight Night 59 McGregor vs Siver

Viewed 55 Times

UFC Fight Night 59 McGregor vs Siver: Conor McGregor vs Dennis Siver,Donald Cerrone vs Benson Henderson, Uriah Hall vs Ron Stallings,Gleison Tibau ...

Released: 2015

UFC Fight Night 59 McGregor vs Siver Prelims

Viewed 36 Times

UFC Fight Night 59 McGregor vs Siver Prelims: Cathal Pendred vs Sean Spencer, Lorenz Larkin vs John Howard, Chris Wade vs Zhang Lipeng, Shane Howel...

Released: 2015


Viewed 673 Times

April, 1945. As the Allies make their final push in the European Theatre, a battle-hardened army sergeant named Wardaddy commands a Sherman tank an...

Released: 2014
Stars: Brad Pitt  Director: David Ayer  IMDB rating: 8.2 

Crossroads 1986

Viewed 231 Times

Ralph Macchio is Lightning Boy. A kid who can make a slide guitar sing. Blind Dog is an old pro who knows it. Together, they're headed to a place w...

Released: 1986
Stars: Ralph Macchio  Director: Walter Hill  IMDB rating: 6.7 


Viewed 123 Times

The daughter of a wealthy real estate broker falls in love with a younger man, who introduces her to B&D and S&M. Using her newly awakened sexual p...

Released: 2015
Stars: Charisma Carpenter  Director: Jared Cohn  IMDB rating: 5 

Dark Summer

Viewed 90 Times

A 17-year-old is on house arrest for the summer while his mother is away on business. A horrifying incident occurs leaving an ominous presence in t...

Released: 2015
Stars: Peter Stormare  Director: Paul Solet  IMDB rating: 4.6 

Gnome Alone

Viewed 95 Times

When Zoe inherits the magical protection of a bewitched Gnome, she quickly realizes that he isn't your garden variety gnome, when he begins elimina...

Released: 2015
Stars: Verne Troyer  Director: Timothy Woodward Jr. 

The Killing Strain

Viewed 78 Times

A man-made virus, 'The Killing Strain'-- an out-of-control swine flu-- turns infected humans into raging monsters. As it rapidly spreads, a group o...

Released: 2010
Stars: Tom Lagleder  Director: Daniel Maldonado  IMDB rating: 3.8